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Yes, Zillow & Trulia Can Hurt Your Home Search

Those Free “Zestimates” Are Not Your Friend… 

Zestimates should be known as “Zero Estimates” because they deliver zero percent accuracy on the real value of a home. Both Zillow and its subsidiary Trulia generate property values based on the limited information that they have access to- typically by averaging the property values in a geographic area. However, they can’t differentiate between a mobile home and a high-end new-build.

Chances are, that other properties in the area differ in the year of build and material than your subject home so, chances are, that your beloved “Zestimate” is way off. Whether looking to sell or to buy, the only way to guarantee an accurate estimate of value without paying $450 or more for an appraisal is to contact a competent realtor

To Bite or Not to Bite…

It’s true, Zillow and Trulia have the bait. They each have a clean, user-friendly platform with large, high-quality photos of homes and big bold numbers telling you what your home is probably worth. That’s all well and good for the window-shopper, however, for someone seriously looking to buy or sell, the consensus amongst real estate professionals is that about 30% of Zillow’s data is either faulty or absent.

But, wouldn’t Zillow want to remove inaccurate information from its websites? To let you in on a little secret… Zillow and its users often leave homes registered as “for-sale” to increase web traffic. When you register your “interest” in any property (whether it’s available or not) you are giving Zillow (& it’s partners) your most valuable commodity: your data.

Zillow does not have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) System, which provides back end data strictly for the use of licensed real estate professionals. The MLS is the only website that stores up-to-date information on all property sales past and present for a particular region. MLS listings are also subject to state laws and require full disclosure on any property defects or other conditions… which For Sale by Owner listings (FSBO’s) are not required to report!

Do yourself a favor and Ask Us for the Help That’s Actually Free! 

Don’t waste your time looking for or registering your interest (giving away your data) for properties that may have been sold months ago.

Our Website is directly linked to the MLS and is updated every few minutes for your use. You can customize your home search by even the most specific factors such as “historical home” or “community pool”. No criterion is too strange or specific for us to handle! We can also send you a customized, authentic list of deals in your area, including any available off-market properties… just say the word. 

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