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Tips To Sell Your Home

Once you decide to sell your home, you want everything to move fast. You anticipate potential buyers thronging to your abode and loving it as much as you did when you first laid eyes on it. The reality, though, might not be as simple as you expect, unless you know how to stage your home to sell. Use the following tips to wet the potential buyer’s lips, and you need not wait too long before meeting your goal.

What is staging?

In case you’re not familiar with the term, staging refers to arranging your home to appeal to buyers. At present, your taste is stamped on your abode, along with remnants of your lifestyle which may or may not attract a customer.

When you stage your house, you boost its desirability to a wide range of viewers by removing items they might find unappealing and creating an attractive atmosphere. The idea is to help potential buyers imagine themselves living in your home and carrying out everyday tasks. Once they visualize themselves in the home, they are more likely to put in an offer than if they can’t see themselves engaging in routine chores.

It’s vital to encourage buyers to imagine enjoying living in your home. If they can picture themselves relaxing in front of your log fire or entertaining guests in your dining room, your home will attract them.

How to stage your house

Work from outside your property through to the inside. Curb appeal counts, so remove clutter and tidy your home’s entrance and garden. Smarten its appearance with a lick of paint where necessary and stand back to view your work as though you are a potential buyer. Would you consider purchasing your home based on its curb appeal? If not, make adjustments until your answer’s a definite “yes.”

When your home’s exterior is spic-and-span, tidy the inside. Remove junk and unused goods and make sure the rooms are neat and clean. Put items out of sight unless they contribute to attractiveness, and freshen peeling paintwork, doors, and windows.

Upgrade small, yet vital details like light switches, pull cords and handles—doing so will make the interior of your home appear clean and attractive.  Also, pay attention to the feel of your house. Does it look like somewhere people can relax with ease?

Simple additions such as throws, matching cushions, and scatter rugs will add an atmosphere of comfort. The scent is important too, so air out rooms to get rid of stale odors and consider how to add pleasing smells. Fresh ground coffee and the scent of apple pie wafting from the kitchen, and a fresh pine scent in the bathroom, for example, will entice buyers.

Look at your home through new eyes, imagining viewing your abode as a buyer. Only then will you glimpse what genuine potential purchasers will see when they arrive. Make changes until it satisfies you and you can be sure your house is likely to sell.

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  • I appreciate what you said about upgrading small light switches. That seems like a cheaper way to improve your home value. I’ll have to make sure we make minor improvements before we sell our house.

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