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5 Tips That Will Make Your Home a Quick Seller

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One of the most daunting tasks that come with building a new home or when moving into a new neighborhood is selling the old home. It is such a stressful task that most people opt to leave it entirely to agents. As a result, a home that can be sold soon ends up taking more extended in the market than it should. However, selling a home does not have to be stressful, nor should it be viewed as involving rocket science. A homeowner can significantly contribute to how fast their home sells. Here are five tips that can help you sell your home faster.

Ready your home for the buyer

It is understandable that as the homeowner, your stuff might still be at the home you are selling. However, having your stuff filling the place you are selling denies potential buyers the chance to experience the space while inspecting it. As a result, this could turn off many potential buyers as they experience your home rather than the space you are selling. Thus it would be best if you de-cluttered your home before any prospective buyer can come around. 

The process of de-cluttering includes removing all the stuff that might make the place look cluttered or seem smaller than it should be.  De-cluttering involves removing personal items, including photos, painting, and anything else that you don’t plan on selling with the house. With de-cluttering, you want potential buyers to envision themselves in their new home and not in your home.

Get a good agent

Realtors play a crucial role in the selling of homes across the US.  One of the chief complaints by many home sellers is that their realtor listed their property, and that was the end of it. To avoid being trapped in the same cycle of complaints, ensure that you conduct thorough research before settling on the agent.  Ensure that your real estate agent has been in the industry for some time and has positive reviews that should translate to positive reviews. A top realtor with pre-existing relationships increases the chances of having a buyer come in faster.

Fix any potential put-offs

It goes without saying that any serious buyer will want a home in “good shape.” No one wants to buy a home and get ridden with fixing costs.  Therefore it should be expected that potential buyers will be keen to look for any breakages or places that need fixing. Hence it should be your duty as the homeowner to fix anything that needs fixing and not waiting for the potential buyer to spot the defect. However, this is not mean that you overhaul your whole home as this is a daunting task. The fixes should ensure that all areas easily caught by the eye during an inspection are in functional condition. These include fixing rotting wood in the exterior, electrical switches, broken toilets, and cracked windows. 

Price your home right

A major deal-killer is an out-rightly overpriced property. Most homeowners make this mistake, and it should be one you avoid the most. A properly set price has the potential of turning even uninterested buyers to the next homeowner. Your price should be one that motivates the buyer even before the negotiations begin. A proper price creates an environment that encourages aggressive selling, creates a bidding war, and eventually drives home prices. The key to pricing is understanding that buyers will do thorough research before committing to buying your home. Hence in any case that you decide to charge above the average market price, you have to ensure that your home is in perfect condition. Nonetheless, it should not mean that you settle for less. If the buyers do not meet the value of your home, you can hold and wait to sell later. 


Time predicates our every activity. There is time to buy, there is time to sell, and there is time to wait. Similarly, in the real estate business, time is a crucial factor that you must consider when deciding to put your home on the market. You must ensure that time you decide has good weather for potential buyers to view the home. Furthermore, you must consider your personal time needs too. Are you employed and how tight is your schedule, which allows you to factor in how available you are in case you are called upon by your agent to come by. Given these factors, the best time to put your home on sale is during spring and summer, while home viewing should be slotted mostly on weekends when most people are free. 

Wanting to sell your home faster comes with its fair share of costs both financially as in terms of extra effort needed. Thus as a homeowner, you should be prepared to incur these additional costs as well as be prepared to make some small concessions at closing. Nonetheless, what works for one buyer might not as well work for the next one. Be prepared for anything.

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  • I agree that you shouldn’t immediately over-price your home. We are trying to sell our house in California. We’ll have to hire a realtor to speed up the process.

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